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Working on "Time is ticking, save your soul". Mixed media/ assemblage.

my story

I have been a compulsive creator of art since I was a little girl. I started by making sand candles and purses as a young child and sold them to a few stores in my town. Later in my early teens years, I studied ballet. During all the time spent in between rehearsals, all the girls would knit. I also learned to quilt at that time. Our ballet instructor, who came from Russia, taught us how to make ballet costumes and headpieces.  I also choreographed ballets and taught ballet. After I stopped dancing, I needed to fill  that creative void.  I taught myself how to paint faux finishes. I also created beadwork for clothes. While my children were babies and I stayed home, I began to make jewelry and sold them to stores and to special customers. While visiting Barcelona, Spain one year, I was in awe with the works of Antoni Gaudi. I loved the vibrancy of all the colors in mosaics. That was my new passion in the 90's! I began reading everything on how to make mosaic structures with cement. 

Fast forward to 2014, when we moved to La Quinta, California. I finally have an art studio where I can create 24/7! I  branched out from just using mosaics to adding mixed media... And one thing leads to another. Now I am an obsessive junk yard dog! I'm making weekly trips to the local thrift stores in the hunt for vintage and upcycled cast aways! (I sneak it home  so my husband doesn't see my new treasures.) Now I use metal, canvas, wood, plastic,  paint and just about anything I find to create mixed media and assemblage art. I continue to branch out and try new things. I am a self taught artist, doing what I love to do. Creating unique art stories with a theme. I do not  limit my work to one style because I would become too bored. I like to mix-up my art up to keep myself interested. I welcome commissioned work.  Please contact me to develop a perfect piece of art that says this piece of art is YOURS!  Mosaics by Carrie Mixed media art, assemblage art mixed media artists

Carrie Eckert

 La Quinta, Ca. 

Mixed Media Artist